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Asian Film Forum & Business Showcase ‘LINK OF CINE-ASIA’

 Technology&Cinema Forum Participant
  •   Film professionals and industry experts(including those from television, motion picture, and animation agencies) mainly in Asia.
  •   Anyone who is interested in the field of film production and other relevant areas
  Forum Badge(Free of charge)
  •   Allow the holders to participate in forum venue and LINK OF CINE-ASIA events.
  • ※ BIZ badge holders can access to forum venue, and no need to register Forum badges.
  • Allow the holder to enjoy the same benefits and privileges as of those existing market participants on the issuing date. It is for people who missed out the registration period or who wants only one day access. Registration for DAILY PASS can be restricted due to limited seats.
  Forum Badge Benefits
  •   Event guide leaflets provided
  •   Free access to various events(Receptions etc.)
  • ※Access to Business matching venue will be restricted with Forum Badge(BIZ Badge should be purchased separately)
  What is pre-registration for?
  •   Free participation : Free of charge participation to Technology-VR and ASIA-Movie Forum, Events
  •   Convenient Access : Access to forum venue without on-site registration
  •   Short Registration Time : Get badges with brief information check
  •   Updated Event News : Send updated news on events via e-mail