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Asian Film Forum & Business Showcase ‘LINK OF CINE-ASIA’

  • Day 1 (10.09)
  • Day 2 (10.10)
  • Day 3 (10.11)
  Day 1
  •  [Welcome to the Virtual World!] Promotional Presentation10:30~12:00
    Grand ballroom
    There must be someone curious about specific platform and business field of VR contents, even though VR has been
    a hot topic for several years all over the world. This session is to introduce VR business plans of domestic companies
    well-known for producing VR contents, and enjoy qualified VR contents.
    •  Date and Venue : Oct. 9(Sun) 10:30~12:00, Grand ballroom, 2F Paradise Hotel, Haeundae
    •  Moderator : Jaemo Koo (Professor, Korea University of Media Art)
    •  Companies : VIVE STUDIOS / JAMONG
  •  [BIZ Project Pitching] Pitching 14:00~15:30
    Grand ballroom
    This is a presentation session to introduce several projects among selected projects for Cine-Biz ASIA(Business Matching) to participants including investment companies.
    •  Date and Venue : Oct 9(Sun) 14:00~15:30, Grand ballroom
    •  Pitching for 5 projects including feature film, Web Toon, Web Drama, that represents genres.
    No Project Name Presenter   Genre
    1 All That Remains Yoshimasa Jimbo Film Director Feature Film
    2 Pian Yongseok Choi Film Director Feature Film
    3 Red Carpet Jinguk Lim Writer Web Toon
    4 The Gourmet Detective Y Soojeong Kim Producer Web Drama
    5 Wet Computer Wu Xiaoyong Director Feature Film
  •  [VR CINEMA : New Technology& New Grammar] Conference  14:30~16:00
    Capri Room
    This session introduces and debates on film grammar required to produce VR videos, which is not familiar in Korea, and provide extraordinary opportunity to watch 2 VR short videos from Digital Bay of Busan Film Commission.
    •  Date and Venue : Oct 9th(Sun) 14:30~16:00, Capri Room, 2F Paradise Hotel
    •  Moderator : Yungeuk Kang (Professor, Wonkwang University)
    •  Panel :
      Wonho Choi (Assitant Professor, Dongseo University)
      Wooyeol Jeon (CEO, VENTAVR)
      Seunghyeon Son (Director, DIGITAL IDEA VFX)
      B.Won Lee (CEO, Producer)
  •  [Busan Asian Film School(AFiS) Presentation]
    Launching Presentation  17:00~18:30
    Capri Room
    A presentation promotes the vision, curriculum, and student application guidelines of school,
    celebrating Busan Asian Film School(AFiS) that claims to global business.
    •  Date and Venue : Oct 9th(Sun) 17:00~18:30, Capri Room, 2F Paradise Hotel
    •  Presenter : Yoon Choi (Director, Busan Film Commission)
    •  Panel :
      Chair Person : Jihye Ahn
      Greetings : Yoon Choi
      Introduction of Busan Asian Film School(AFiS) and Curriculum : Sungyoung Yang
      Introduction of International Film Business Academy : Young Kim, Sunhee Han
      Introduction of recruiting students : Jihye Ahn
  •  [LINK OF CINE-ASIA Opening Reception] Reception  19:00~21:00
    Outdoor Garden
    The 1ST Asian Film Forum&Business showcase▸LINK OF CINE-ASIA Opening Reception
    •  Date and Venue : Oct 9th(Sun) 19:00~21:00, Paradise Hotel Open Garden