Cine-Biz ASIA
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Asian Film Forum & Business Showcase ‘LINK OF CINE-ASIA’

Date October 9 – 11, 2016 (3 Days), 10:00 a.m. ~ 5:00 p.m.
Venue Paradise Hotel Busan 1 Floor Business Matching Lounge(Lobby Lounge)
Meeting Time 1 hour unit
Take 30-40 minutes for a meeting
  Business meeting Participation Types
  • 1. Group A(Institutions and Companies) : Paid participants who want to host film shootings or related contracts
    - Film Commissions, Production service companies etc.
  • 2. Group B(Projects) : Participants who plan on making films overseas, hosting overseas shooting or wish to engage in international co-production
  • 3. Group C(Investment‧Production Companies) : Participants who are interested in project investment, overseas shooting, international co-production, etc
  • ALL
  • Group A
  • Group B
  • Group C
No. Name
Country Category Notice
85 A FIGHTER ON THE INFLECTION POINT / 변곡점의 파이터 KOREA Feature Film view
84 Love Story of April / 사월애 KOREA VR view
83 Wet computer : The Birth CHINA Feature Film view
82 Showbox Corp. KOREA Investment/Production view
81 KADOKAWA CORPORATION JAPAN Investment/Production view
80 Memories of A Dead End JAPAN Feature Film view
79 Pian / 피안 KOREA Feature Film view
78 The Time of Her / 그녀의 시간 KOREA Feature Film view
77 The story of the moon fairy / 망월선녀설화 KOREA Web Toon view
76 ZOA FILMS, JAPAN JAPAN Investment/Production view
75 October Pictures Ltd. HONG KONG, CHINA Investment/Production view
74 NIKKATSU Corporation JAPAN Co-production view
73 Taipei Film Commission TAIWAN Film Commission view
72 Unlucky girl / 억수로 재수 없는 여자 KOREA Feature Film view
71 Busan Film Commission KOREA Film Commission view
70 New Clues Film Co.,Ltd CHINA Investment/Production view
69 Dynamic! / 다이나믹! KOREA Feature Film view
68 Three by Three / 쓰리바이쓰리 KOREA VR view
67 VR SF Fantasy : VOLT & AIR KOREA VR view
66 C2M MEDIA GROUP CHINA Investment/Production view
65 Alibaba Pictures Group CHINA Investment/Production view
64 Cambodia Film Commission CAMBODIA Film Commission view
63 Tencent Pictures CHINA Investment/Production view
62 TGCK Partners KOREA Investment/Production view
61 Infinitus Entertainment Limited HONG KONG, CHINA Investment/Production view
60 Warner Bros. Korea UNITED STATES Investment/Production view
59 Cine Bazar Inc. JAPAN Investment/Production view
58 Korea Film Commissions & Industry Network KOREA Film Commission view
55 SAGA Prefecture Film Commission JAPAN Film Commission view
54 Jeju Film Commission KOREA Film Commission view
53 Gyeonggi Film Commission KOREA Film Commission view
52 Jeonju Film Commission KOREA Film Commission view
51 Chungnam Film Commission KOREA Film Commission view
50 Incheon Film Commission KOREA Film Commission view
49 CINEGURU KIDARI ENT KOREA Investment/Production view
48 My Man‘s Wedding / 내 남자의 결혼식 KOREA Feature Film view
47 Next Entertainment World (NEW) KOREA Investment/Production view
46 Fukuoka Film Commission JAPAN Film Commission view
45 WANDA MEDIA CO., Ltd CHINA Investment/Production view
44 TIMEWISE INVESTMENT KOREA Investment/Production view
43 World-J JAPAN Investment/Production view
42 87870 CHINA Investment/Production view
41 Lotte Entertainment KOREA Investment/Production view
40, Inc. CHINA Investment/Production view
39 Huayi Brothers New Media CHINA Investment/Production view
38 HUACE GROUP CHINA Investment/Production view
37 Action Starr K / 액숀스타K KOREA Web drama view
36 Romance 101 for B.eng / 공대생의 사랑이야기 / 工科男的美丽邂逅 KOREA Web drama view
35 Yellow Submarine / 노란 잠수함 KOREA Feature Film view
34 My Star / 마이 스타 KOREA Feature Film view
33 The eunuch ‘Mr. Choi’ / 쾌락내시 KOREA Feature Film view
32 Chinese Odyssey / 차이니즈 오디세이 KOREA Feature Film view
31 All That Remains JAPAN Feature Film view
30 Romantic Holidays / 로맨스의 일주일 KOREA Feature Film view
29 Goyang Aqua Studio KOREA Filmming Studio, Film Commission, Service Company view
28 Gangwon Art & Culture Foundation KOREA Film Commission view
27 LittleBig Pictures / 리틀빅픽처스 KOREA Investment/Production view
26 KOBE FILM OFFICE JAPAN Film Commission view
25 ECOPANG / 에코팡 KOREA AR Contents & Web-Series Animation
24 Exodus of DMZ / 전선위의 참새 KOREA Feature Film view
23 Gang School / 갱스쿨 KOREA Web Toon view
22 Mosquito Syndrome / 모스키토 신드롬 KOREA Web Toon view
21 Red Carpet / 레드카펫 KOREA Web Toon view
20 The wolf and the fox / 늑대 그리고 여우 KOREA Web Toon view
19 Yang's Way of Love / 양의 사랑법 KOREA Web Toon view
18 Happy Castle / 해피캐슬 KOREA Web Toon view
17 Wedding Fever Season 2 / 미남미녀 KOREA Web drama view
16 Nest / 둥지 KOREA Feature Film view
15 Whispering Corridor (Chinese Version) / 중국판 여고괴담 KOREA Feature Film view
14 GHOSTAR / 고스타 KOREA Web drama view
13 A teacher / 여선생 KOREA Feature Film view
12 Back to the Dinosaur / 백투더 다이노소어 KOREA Feature Film view
11 Shi Kong Li /시공리 KOREA Feature Film view
10 The Adventures of Bani / 반이의 대모험 KOREA Feature Animated Film view
9 Strange Dream / 악몽-놀라운 꿈 KOREA Feature Film view
8 Sweet Paparazzi / 달콤한 파파라치 / 甜蜜狗仔 KOREA Feature Film view
7 The gourmet detective Y / 미식탐정Y KOREA Web drama view
5 +81.5 / 변신 KOREA Feature Film view
4 Soul Gambling / 영혼도박장 KOREA Web drama view
3 My Mother / 엄마 KOREA Feature Film view
2 The Carnivore Park / 식물원 KOREA Feature Film view
1 Sahamongkolfilm International Co., Ltd THAILAND Co-production view
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