Cine-Biz ASIA
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Asian Film Forum & Business Showcase ‘LINK OF CINE-ASIA’

  Project Pitching
No Project Name Presenter   Genre
1 All That Remains Yoshimasa Jimbo Film Director Feature Film
2 Pian Yongseok Choi Film Director Feature Film
3 Red Carpet Jinguk Lim Writerv Web Toon
4 The Gourmet Detective Y Soojeong Kim Producer Web Drama
5 Wet Computer Wu Xiaoyong Director Feature Film

Date and Venue

  • Oct 9(Sun) 14:00~15:30, Grand ballroom
  • Pitching for 5 projects including feature film, Web Toon, Web Drama, that represents genres.
  • ※ This is a presentation session to introduce several projects among selected projects for Cine-Biz ASIA(Business Matching) to participants including investment companies.